Although Leicester Symphony Orchestra hasn’t been able to play any concerts since February 2020, we did manage to fit in two socially-distanced rehearsals for small groups of wind and strings back in October, just before the second lockdown.

We hope very much that we will be able to share the music we rehearsed with you soon. The potential date for this will very much depend on how successful this current full lockdown is, but if we are able to rehearse and perform our recording will be available free on our website, and we will let you have more details closer to the time.

To entertain us in lockdown, Sam Dobson has volunteered to lead some LSO lockdown talks:

Sam has offered to assist people who haven’t used Zoom before, and to access the talks you need to drop him an email to get the code. Each talk is about 45–50 mins and there will be time for questions.

This is our history and these fascinating stories will be entertaining, interesting and informative.

For access, please send an email to Sam: